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I’ve been posting some of my beauty products on Instagram Stories and was requested by readers to post about my skincare routine. I wrote a post almost exactly one year ago so it’s definitely time for an updated post since I have changed some of my products. I also just spent the weekend on a beauty press trip […]

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01 . 16 . 17

Laundry Day


I returned from Grand Cayman late last night. (More on this later.) My suitcase and a pile of dirty laundry is currently lying on my floor. I’m lucky to have a laundry room in my apartment building but it’s not the same as having a huge laundry room in your own house. I dream of the […]

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01 . 12 . 17

Off to Grand Cayman


As I mentioned yesterday, I’m headed to Grand Cayman today with the Swiss skincare brand La Prairie to help celebrate the upcoming launch of their new Line Interception Power Duo. I’ve already been using it since November and I can honestly say you will love dual say and night creams to fight wrinkles. The spa in the […]

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01 . 11 . 17

Perfection in Portugal


I don’t usually like theme weeks but I have warm weather on the brain this week. It’s partially due to the arctic weather this past weekend and my upcoming trip to Grand Cayman on Thursday. Although, I wish I was visiting Portugal after seeing Christian Louboutin‘s house on the coast. It actually reminds me a […]

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01 . 09 . 17

Chic in Mexico


It’s 18 degrees in New York right now so it seems like the perfect time to revisit my trip to the InterContinental Presidente Cozumel Resort and Spa in Cozumel, Mexico last month. For those of you not familiar with Cozumel, it is an island in the Caribbean off Yucatán Peninsula opposite Playa del Carmen and is a […]

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It’s that time again. Awards season has begun and the 2017 Golden Globes did not disappoint. There seemed to be an exceptionally great group of films and television shows nominated this year but more importantly, the stars shown on the red carpet. Here’s my round up of some of the best. I absolutely loved Kristen […]

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Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean there aren’t still fun things to do and see. The cold weather is a good time to head out for some art and culture or stay home and watch a new program. Here are a few suggestions to get you excited about January. I stopped by The Frick Collection before […]

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01 . 05 . 17

Gramercy Park Goodness


The new February 2017 issue of Architectural Digest is due on newsstands soon but until I get a copy, I’m enjoying their Web Exclusive Home Tours. The latest is the Gramercy Park pre-war apartment of interior designer Bennett Leifer that was a disaster when he found it. He transformed the one bedroom into a show […]

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01 . 03 . 17

Work It Out


The number one New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. Research says that it takes three weeks to form a new habit so keep that in mind as you begin a new workout plan. Even the smallest step in the right direction helps. Experts agree that even just five minutes a day to start is […]

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01 . 02 . 17

West Village Wonder


There are two little houses on West 4th Street that I’ve always wondered about as I walked past on my way to the shop or dine in the West Village. What’s really funny is that it was a British website that finally revealed their story. House & Garden UK features the connected homes that belong […]

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