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I like to keep my workout clothes separate from my regular wardrobe.  But the more I see sneakers worn while not breaking a sweat, I’m starting to rethink my rules.  A pair of New Balance trainers could be a chic alternative to flats for traversing the city.  

via Glamour France

via The Sartorialist

via The Sartorialist

Emerson Fry

  • Heather I see several pairs I really love and also with cozy sockies an alternative to wearing a pair of luxurious Italian leather boots out in the wintry weather! Love the blacks, grey, and that cranberry pair!

    Art by Karena

  • I agree. I’m in!!

  • I will pull out all my interesting running shoes today and give them a try… animal print with red demins… interesting idea?

  • I’m with Slim; I’m in too! And to think there was a time when the French would sooner have gone to Macdonald’s than worn “les baskets.” Oh… wait… 😉