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I’d never heard of Hunt Slonem until I read the most fascinating article about him, Southern Gothic, in the New York Times. Mr. Slonem is a New York artist whose passion for art and mansions is also chronicled in the new book “Pleasure Palace: The Art and Homes of Hunt Slonem.” The word eccentric was […]

Ok, I swear this is my last post that has anything to do with Vogue but I couldn’t help but mention an interesting article and video on Men’s Vogue about bibliophile extraordinaire, Sophie Dahl, pictured above. About the only thing Sophie and I have in common is a love of books and now, a love […]

If there is one book that is prized above all others for it’s beautiful cover, it’s Osa Johnson’s I Married Adventure. It’s part of my library above and is often styled for magazine shoots like the Vogue photo montage below. Besides being chic and pretty, it’s actually a great read! Martin and Osa Johnson lived […]