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I wrote the post Outfits Inspired by Jennifer Aniston’s Wardrobe on The Morning Show almost exactly a year ago and I keep thinking about how much of what Jennifer’s character, Alex Levy, wears would be perfect for working from home. When I first posted about her outfits, I scoured the internet to find the exact […]

Rene Russo’s wardrobe in The Thomas Crown Affair used to be my favorite movie wardrobe inspiration but that was before I fell in love with everything that Jennifer Aniston wears in each episode of The Morning Show. It actually reminds me of what I used to wear in the corporate world when I moved to […]

I can’t believe today is November 1st. Where has the year gone?! The next two months will be busy with events and holidays so I’m taking a little R&R in Sag Harbor this weekend at Baron’s Cove where I always stay. It’s a little quiet off season but everything is open in town and the […]

Hair Apparent

11 . 17 . 08

Every time I go to see my colorist (no, I’m not naturally this blonde) I take a photo of Jennifer Aniston with me and tell her that’s what I want it to look like. After seeing Jennifer in the December 2008 issue of Vogue, I realize now that it will never look that good because […]