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The weather outside is frightful But the fire is so delightful And since we’ve no place to go Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow Well, it doesn’t show signs of stopping But we’ve got some corn for popping And the lights are turned way down low Let it snow, let it snow, […]

The Corner

12 . 14 . 08

I attended a little gathering at La Esquina Friday night and I was once again reminded as to why it is one of my favorite restaurants if not my all time favorite. Mexican food usually isn’t known as a healthy culinary choice but the food at La Esquina is always fresh and light and delicious. […]

Holiday Sale Time!

12 . 01 . 08

Seems like every store in New York is having a huge sale and now there are fabulous holiday sample sales including Lulu DK. I might have to stop by and pick up some holiday gifts…for myself and others! See you there!

Downtown with David

11 . 03 . 08

This past Saturday was a beautiful day in more ways than just the weather. I had the pleasure of spending it with my favorite Kansas City resident, David Jimenez! David actually grew up in New York and if Ron Marvin and I have our way, we’re going to figure out a way for him to […]

The most exciting thing about working near Union Square are all the fabulous shops and showrooms in the area! Last week, I stopped into 145 Antiques on 20th Street and was blown away by their lovely furniture and beautiful Italian lamps which they rewire in the backroom. If you stop by, I guarantee you’ll find […]

Tennis Anyone?

08 . 24 . 08

Time to get out your short shorts and your sweatbands, the US Open Tennis Championships begin tomorrow in Flushing Meadows. Personally, I’ll be staking out all the top hotels to catch of glimpse of the hot players! Between tennis and upcoming fashion week, it’s the best time of the year to be in New York!

Shopping and Shots?

08 . 21 . 08

Usually, I would advise anyone against shopping and drinking but in the case of men, they can sometimes use a stiff drink to get them through the task. Perhaps that’s why I heard today from Urban Daddy that J. Crew is opening a shop in a former bar in Tribeca. Or my guess is that […]

My prayers have finally been answered. A J. Crew store is set to open on the Upper East Side. Of course, they couldn’t just open a regular store on Third Avenue like everyone else. Instead it will be J. Crew Collection store on Madison Avenue and 79th Street. But I’ll take what I can get. […]

The Greenwich Hotel

08 . 12 . 08

It seems like every day there is a new boutique hotel opening in the city but The Greenwich Hotel seems more like a home than a hotel. Albeit a home in Tribeca owned by a movie star and in this case Robert DeNiro. The best part about the hotel is that no two rooms look […]

Apartment Upgrade

08 . 04 . 08

Remember Michael Bargo and his spectacular studio from Domino magazine? Well, turns out he’s upgraded to a one bedroom and took the New York Times along on a shopping trip. Michael also used to work for Thomas O’Brien and Aero Studios who are having a great sale right now. Check the old apartment below and […]

One of my readers wished she could find the photos from the Laird family townhouse that we’re also published in Elle Decor and her wish is my command. I had already uploaded them because I wanted to post them since I love seeing how owners decorate their different homes. In the living room above, an […]

I Heart New York

07 . 24 . 08

Everyone who lives in New York has a love/hate relationship with the city and if they say they don’t, they are lying. Some days just start off on the wrong foot like this morning. I was more than slightly hungover and very tired. I was running late for work. It was hazy, hot and humid […]

Artist in Residence

07 . 16 . 08

The only good thing about riding the subway to work in the morning is that it gives me 15 minutes of quiet time to read a magazine. This morning I was reading the July/August 2008 issue of New York Spaces, which surprisingly enough came from the Bachelor. Neither of us have any idea why he […]

New York Minute

06 . 25 . 08

It’s a gloriously beautiful day in New York today…bright and sunny but not humid. A perfect day to take a walk at lunch which is what I did. I also stopped to pick up something to eat from my favorite place with the cashier who looks like Santa Claus and acts like it too. He […]

There was a considerable buzz in the office yesterday afternoon after an email arrived from a former employee announcing the new website for his interior design studio and it was justified. David Lawrence has a great eye and a very sophisticated design style. He credits his passion for classic and timeless lines to my current […]

I sometimes have a hard time explaining to people what it’s really like to live and work in New York. The amount of wealth here is staggering but it’s kind of like living in fantasy land. I decorate summer homes that are bigger than most American’s main homes. It’s a bit ridiculous and you really […]

Shopping on Lexington

04 . 13 . 08

Lexington Avenue in New York gets a bad rap since it’s the street along which the 6 subway line runs but the area between 70th and 80th Streets is chock full of beautiful shops. I took walk along the route on Saturday and stopped into a few of the gems including Lexington Gardens at 1011 […]