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Last week, I was surprised to receive a message from Marcelo Bengoechea, the brother of the late photographer Fernado Bengoechea who was swept away by the tsunami of 2004. He is reviving his brother’s art of weaving his photographs and is now offering them for sale for the first time since Fernando’s death. I remember […]

100cameras is continuing their quest to give a voice, or in this case a camera, to the voiceless and this time they have chosen children in their own backyard. Students from the Lower East Side community group New Life documented their life in New York for three months this past spring. On Thursday, their photos […]

A Chat with Peter Som

09 . 22 . 09

A few weeks ago, I saw fashion designer Peter Som entering the D&D Building as I was leaving. Of course my curiosity was piqued. What was he doing there? Was he looking for inspiration for his upcoming fashion show? Was he redecorating his apartment? Luckily, my upholsterer, Matthew Haly, also happens to be Peter’s upholsterer […]

Some of my favorite photos from my trip to Paris were a complete accident. Since I have to look through the view finder of my Nikon camera and not at the screen, I didn’t notice it was on the black and white setting until I was half way through the Tuileries. Because it was grey […]

A few years ago, I found a bunch of old photos by father had taken on a few road trips in the 1960’s. They were a great square shape but had curled up over the years so I had them professionally scanned in and reprinted. Now they hang in my apartment where I enjoy looking […]

I went to the Hermes website last night just to check their store hours and ended up finding all sorts of surprises including the beautiful portraits of horses by South African born, British raised photographer Koto Bolofo. They are a testament to his skill and patience as a photographer. Enjoy.

I’m sure most everyone has seen the Slim Aarons photo of CZ Guest pictured above but how many of you know the story about the man behind the camera. I posted this photo about a month ago along with a recent photo from H&G that reminded me of the Slim Aarons photo and wondered if […]

Art Imitates Life

08 . 06 . 07

While I was sitting on the beach in Southampton this weekend, I was struck by how much the scene and my photos reminded me of the art of Isca Greenfield-Sanders, especially Cloud Beach, mixed media watercolor with colored pencil, from 2005. Isca is the daughter of famed photographer Timothy Greefield-Sanders but she sticks to painting […]