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At Home in Rome

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When I first found the image of Cy Twombly’s bedroom in Rome, I was hoping that I could find photos of the rest of his home.  Some continued sleuthing has unearthed them and they were definitely worth the search.  They were taken by Horst P. Horst in 1966 and most appeared in Vogue’s Book of […]

Roman Flair

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Not that you need another excuse to go to Italy but just in case, Flair, my favorite store, just opened a new outpost in Rome. Unlike their stores in Florence, Milan and Capri that have the signature black walls, this one has a lighter color scheme but don’t worry, the furniture and art will remain […]

Do you hate Carlos Souza yet? If not, you will after seeing his Rome apartment located in a historic 1860’s building in Piazza Vittorio. This apartment was designed before his New York apartment and is surprising in it’s modernity but not in it’s mix of personal mementos. In the living room above, a Mies can […]