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J.Crew Fall 2009

07 . 16 . 09

The weather in New York has has been feeling a little like Fall lately which makes me think about what I will be wearing soon. Jenna Lyons was interviewed by the Los Angeles Times recently about the success and popularity of J.Crew and also her inspirations. For Fall 2009, she imagined what it would be […]

I have been joking lately that once you’re done visiting the ridiculously expensive shops on East 11th Street, pop into Etos where you can actually afford to buy something! I finally had the pleasure of checking out this chic shop and I’m so glad that I did because not only did I find things for […]

Antony Todd on Sale

06 . 30 . 09

Antony Todd has exquisite taste and now that eponymous shop is having a sale, you may actually be able to afford a few of his impeccable choices. Items that are 25-40% off are marked with a tag. Everything else is regular price. Don’t forget to peek downstairs. You won’t see Antony since he’s in Europe […]

There is nothing I love more than a good sample sale, especially one that I don’t have to leave my house to attend! The Lauren Moffatt online sample sale starts today and lasts through June 27th. A lot of the spring and resort dresses that I feel in love with earlier this year are now […]

Wet Weekend

06 . 20 . 09

There is rain forecasted again for this weekend and I can tell you that New Yorkers have just about had it with the weather. But instead of building an ark and collecting the animals two by two, there are a few other good weekend options that are perfect for escaping the deluge. Just make sure […]


05 . 27 . 09

I’m a sunny day kind of girl. There is nothing I love more than one of those top 10 weather days that are 75 degrees and without a cloud in the sky but I have a confession to make. I secretly enjoy gray days like the one we had in New York today. It has […]

Bottega and Bergdorfs

05 . 12 . 09

When I die, I want to be buried in Bergdorf’s. I don’t think the museums give me as much pleasure as this store. Even if I can’t afford anything, I just like to go and look and be inspired. If you need to be inspired, then I recommend checking out the new Bottega Veneta home […]

Weekend Finds

05 . 10 . 09

Everyone keeps asking me about the Domino sale so here is the scoop. I got up early and my friend Lori and I cabbed it downtown and got on line at 9:00am. At that time the line wasn’t too bad but I heard later that it wrapped around the block. We were met by Stefan […]

They had me at Hello!

04 . 09 . 09

I think most people would assume that young girls in New York are running around to clubs and getting into trouble every night. Well, not my friend Kelly Reynolds and her roommates, Hannah Robertson and Angela Francine. You can usually find them at home crafting or sewing and all their hard work has culminated in […]

Hail Brittania!

03 . 31 . 09

Topshop finally opens this week in Soho and if that wasn’t enough to cause a stampede, the Kate Moss Collection for Spring 2009 debuts the same day! Maybe I’ll wait until Saturday to check it out. Cheerio!

Everyone has been asking me about the Bachelorette Pad lately so I guess it’s time for an update. I don’t have any new photos but the blue and white Asian pottery in this painting by James McNeill Whistler will make sense in a minute. I met the Bachelorette at Balthazar breakfast Saturday morning where there […]

Amazing Sale at Aero

02 . 11 . 09

I spent most of Tuesday in Soho shopping for clients and spent a lot of my time checking out the amazing sale at Aero. There are some fabulous deals to be had so I recommend checking it out since most of the prices are below cost! Happy Shopping!

When we were in the Hamptons a few weeks ago on an installation we walked by the most amazing home boutique on our way to dinner, Maison 24. Of course it was closed so we pressed our noses against the glass trying to peek at all the amazing treasures inside. Luckily, we finally made to […]

Holiday Sale Time!

12 . 01 . 08

Seems like every store in New York is having a huge sale and now there are fabulous holiday sample sales including Lulu DK. I might have to stop by and pick up some holiday gifts…for myself and others! See you there!

Starting today, the Charlotte Moss Townhouse will prepare for it’s November 25th closing by offering 50% off antiques and 70% off new pieces. Perfect timing for the holidays although, I will be sad to see them close. It’s such a beautiful store! I just hope it doesn’t become something depressing now like a BabyGap!

I swear Duane Reade had their Christmas decorations up even before the Halloween candy was out. The race to be the first annoys me every year. I like to finish one holiday before I begin the next but there is no getting away from the holiday catalogs which is why I especially loved the Neue […]

The most exciting thing about working near Union Square are all the fabulous shops and showrooms in the area! Last week, I stopped into 145 Antiques on 20th Street and was blown away by their lovely furniture and beautiful Italian lamps which they rewire in the backroom. If you stop by, I guarantee you’ll find […]